Who we partner with

CodeCreates chooses partners very careful, we look for those organisations, businesses and individuals who are as passionate about STEM and it's promotion as we are. CodeCreates is delighted to collaborate and partner with the following organisations and businesses.


We believe the BBC micro:bit is an amazing microcontroller board and offers a superb platform for young people to develop and nurture coding and making skills, so do MakeKit in Norway! Having discovered the company on Kickstarter when they launched the Air:Bit build your own drone kit, we were very thrilled to meet Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holøs at the BETT Education conference in London. Like CodeCreates, MakeKit have a clear passion for technology and creating - making products that are easy for children, parents and teachers to use. They have recently developed a new Hover:bit hovercraft built with the micro:bit which we think is amazing.


MakeKit website 

Seeking a collaborative partner who had created and developed unique content with regard to the Arduino® open source electronics platform, through social media CodeCreates became aware of Gearbox Labs based in the US. From the first meeting with Peter Haydock and Isabel Mendiola, owners of Gearbox Labs, it became apparent that they have a wealth of experience in the education, content and technology space and have built a superb curriculum, range of books, kits and resources utilising the Arduino® boards. Most importantly for CodeCreates, they are passionate about driving awareness and engagement with regard to STEM within both school and home settings, a core value for CodeCreates.

Gearbox Labs Inc. website

The Arduino Classroom website

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