CodeCreates partners with MaKeKit to offer their micro:bit drone and hovercraft kits in UK

CodeCreates is thrilled to announce it is partnering with MakeKit to promote and resell its range of STEM kits across the UK, which are based around the BBC micro:bit microcomputer. Full press release below...

CodeCreates is a UK based organisation who deliver inspirational and creative STEM orientated workshops to young people principally based around microcontroller boards, they also supply innovative STEM products and kits to schools, educators, youth groups and consumers. CodeCreates was founded in 2020 by Debbie Goodwill, a professional creative who works as a teacher and is passionate about the promotion of STEM.

“We believe the BBC micro:bit is an amazing microcontroller board and offers a superb platform for young people to develop and nurture coding and making skills, so do MakeKit in Norway! Having discovered the company on Kickstarter when they launched the Air:bit build your own drone kit, we were very thrilled to meet Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holøs at the BETT Education conference in London. Like CodeCreates, MakeKit have a clear passion for technology and creating, making products that are easy for children, parents and teachers to use. They have recently developed a new Hover:bit hovercraft built with the micro:bit which we think is amazing.“ Debbie Goodwill, Owner CodeCreates

MakeKit are based in Oslo, Norway and are dedicated to making kits and educational material which help promote coding and creative skills in school, youth group and home settings. Steinar Holøs (CEO) and Henning Pedersen (C3PO ;-0) launched their business with the first ever drone kit made with the micro:bit called the Air:bit and have gone on to successfully produce the Hover:bit this year.

"We are proud to have CodeCreates as our UK distributor. They have the right passion and knowledge to give everyone the best start in building, coding and having fun with the kits". Steinar Holøs, CEO and Co-founder in MakeKit

CodeCreates and MakeKit will work closely together in the promotion of current and future micro:bit STEM kits across the UK.

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