New Arrival in store, the Hover:Bit 2.0 Rechargeable Hovercraft for BBC micro:bit

CodeCreates are very pleased to now have stock of the new Hover:Bit 2.0 STEM kit to build a rechargeable Hovercraft with the BBC micro:bit.

MakeKit have taken the Hover:bit and made it even better by introducing a new Multi:bit controller board, this gives even greater opportunities to optimise the code according to how you wish to control the hovercraft. It also makes it easier to construct other versions which create a slightly different layout of the engines.

MakeKit which was started by Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holos have created an amazing range of products to inspire the next generation to study STEM and potentially work in the sector after school. It all started with the Air:bit back in the autumn of 2019 which was the world’s first and only micro:bit drone.

Since then they have gone on to create the Hover:bit, also an add on kit for the Air:bit to convert it into the Hover:bit so saves money for consumers and teachers wanting to do more with their original Air:bit.

More recently they have created the Buzz:bit (coming soon to the store), and inexpensive game which you build, code, develop and of course play. It offers children the opportunity to learn about connecting electronics and programming through games and play.

Check out the original video trailer when the Makekit Hover:bit was launched on Indiegogo:

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