Convenient fast charger for up to six 1S batteries, allowing for simultaneous charging of batteries at the same time, ideal for class room settings or clubs. Charging power up to 1A which will charge the Air:bit drone kit in around 45 minutes.


The charger also indicates how much power was charged (milliAmpere). Comes with a 220 volt power plug and input for charging in the field via a 12volt battery or Car battery.




Input Voltage: AC100-240V/DC 7.0V-17.0V

Charger Power: Max.4.35WX6+-10%

Charger Current: (0.1-1.0A)X6

Battery Type: Lipo/LiHV

Battery Cell count: 1 Cell

Indication: LCD Display Screen + LED Light

Support Battery Port: Micro,MX,JST,mCPX

Net Weight: 200g

Dimension: 125X78X42mm


Note this charger is included in the Air:bit and Hover:bit class kits.


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1S Lipo Battery Fast Charter for 6 Air:bit batteries