This listing is for the Air:bit micro:bit drone as a Class Kit for schools and youth groups containing 6 units. This kit also contains a Plus Quick Charger and some spares for if things get broken.


This listing is for the Hover:bit micro:bit hovercraft as a Class Kit for schools and youth groups containing 6 units. Note You will need 2 micro:bits per kit to control each hovercraft. If you're using the iPad app or Android app, you achieve control with just 1 micro:bit, but the learning materials are currently based on the use of 2 micro:bits.


What is the Hover:bit 2.0?


The Hover:bit is a rechargeable, remote controlled hovercraft made from cardboard, plywood, micro:bit microcomputer and powerful drone motors. It is made to help you discover how creative you can be and will teach you coding, craftsmanship, electronics and design. The Hover:bit bridges the gap between the digital and the physical computing worlds. As part of your kit you will receive step by step instructions on how to build, code and drift the Hover:bit.


Hover: bit 2.0 comes with the brand new Multi: bit controller card.


This gives you even greater opportunities to optimize the code according to your own wishes. This also makes it easier to make other variants of the construction that require a slightly different layout of the engines.


Explainer video here


Everyone can learn how to code!


Using the well-established and super accessible micro:bit microcomputer platform from the BBC, anyone can start coding using their web browser, by following our step by step coding instructions. Just want to build and drive? No problem - just download the readymade codes and apps.


Cut the plastic, cut cardboard!


Make a cool raft from cutting out the Hover:bit cardboard box. Choose between four rudder designs or even make your own! Experiment with your own shapes using spare cardboard pieces from home. You can even turn it into a boat using a Styrofoam block*


Powerful radio control included in the micro:bit


Did you know that the micro:bit has a great radio? Not only can you code your own remote controller, you can also receive data back, including battery level, acceleration and g-force. Teachers will love the graphs contained inside make:code, where you can see the data in real time.


Compatible with the Air:bit, the micro:bit drone


Great news if you already own or have ordered an Air:bit drone or are planning to get one! With a small "add on kit" you can build and code them both the drone and the hovercraft. We previously launched crowdfunding with the Air:bit to micro:bit enthusiasts all over the world and we have received amazing feedback from them.


Hover:bit is constructed in such a way to be as easy to modify as possible. With only some cardboard, scissors or a craft knife you can design and construct just the way you like.


Is Hover:bit suitable for schools?


Definitely. Hover:bit has already been tested in schools. Students can design their own rafts, skirt and rudder plus the kit can be reused. As a teacher you might already have a number of micro:bits around which could be utilised!


Hover:bit is a true STEAM learning tool. As a teacher you can dive into following subjects:


Mathematics: Geometry, angles, algebra, functions

Science: Power, batteries, electromagnetism, radio signals

Programming: Variables, sensors, radio, led display, if / else, data transfer

Arts and crafts: Construction and design (preferably with a 3D printer)

English: Terminology, concepts in flight directions / orientation


Full Indiegogo launch video here




All our kits are designed, developed and produced in Norway with cooperation between two local factories: One for PCB assembly and one for laser cutting and packing.


Our production partners:

Hapro Electronix - production of the MakeKit multi:bit circuit board

GOTT - production and packaging


Meet the Team


The Hover:bit and Air:bit are designed and produced by MakeKit AS a Norwegian company founded in March 2019 by Henning Pedersen and Steinar Holøs. They make DIY kits that teach enable young people to master technology and provide them with a greater understanding through engagement and cross-curriculum problem-based STE(A)M learning. They are located and produce the kits in Oslo, Norway.


The team also includes:

Jonas Westli – Marketing and SoMe

Stefan Sørlie Oure – PR and video

Connie Sylliaas - Shipping and administration

Øystein Berge - Electronics in manufacturing

Bao Marianna Ngyen - Product tester and UX advisor


*Needs to be purchased separately

The micro:bit was originally released in UK back in 2016 to teach coding and hardware in schools. The minicomputer was designed to be simple and powerful at the same time. All coding can be done in a web browser or on your iPhone/iPad. Air:bit is utilizing micro:bits many features like the long-range Bluetooth radio, accelerometer and multiple input and outputs. Control the drone using another micro:bit and its motion sensors, an iOS unit, or our open source Android App. While having a lot of fun, you will understand the inner workings of a drone, from physics to programming and telemetry.




Hover:bit micro:bit Hovercraft Class Kit (6 units)