THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE KIT. It is meant to be bought as an expansion after you first purchase The ARDUINO® Classroom: STEAM Edition Starter Kit listed separately. It does not contain the UNO board, USB cable, and other components. The materials in this kit are enough to produce complete the remaining projects and extensions in The ARDUINO® Classroom: STEAM Edition, Volume 1 Book (sold separately).


The kit includes the following:


  • Long Breadboard
  • 20 M/M jumper wires
  • Six M/F jumper wires
  • 100 Ohm resistor
  • 16x2 LCD screen (pre-soldered)
  • 8x8 LED Matrix (red, yellow, and green colours available)
  • Six Pushbuttons (on-off-on)
  • Four Digit Seven Segment Display (red)
  • Distance Sensor
  • Hygrometer
  • Sound Sensor
  • Colour Sensor
  • pH Sensor (includes pH buffer, base, and acid standard solutions)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Tiltball Switch
  • Photoresistor
  • Turbidity Sensor
  • Heartrate Sensor
  • Keypad
  • IR Sensor
  • Robotic Car Chassis
  • Stepper Motor (for Car) - requires soldering
  • Deluxe Storage Case

The ARDUINO® Classroom: STEAM Edition Starter Expansion Kit