STEM Activities

STEM Activities you can explore at home

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We have compiled a list of STEM Activities from various websites, broken down into subjects and also age categories. If you have any links you would like us to add please get in contact....


Virgin Media - Top Tips for Microsoft Teams at Home


Curated list of coding games and activities


Keyboarding basics guide with games and exercises


STEM Learning UK - Competitions and Challenges

cyber discovery - HM Government free cyber security programme for ages 13-18

VEX Robotics for Primary (IQ) and Secondary+ (VRC)

Microsoft Virtual Workshops

Big Ideas The Great Exhibition at Home - STEM challenge with prizes

Girls Into Coding - Online events -

Rockstars and Rockwriter Competitions

Pix Programming Challenge UK

Shell - The Bright Ideas Challenge for 11-14 year olds

Future Engineers - Next Moon Step Challenge

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Virtual Faraday Challenge

Born to Engineer Competitions

FIRST Tech Challenge


Airgineers - Drone competition

Longtitude Explorer Prize - and various STEM resources

British ESports Schools Competition

Crest Awards - All ages

esero - Space Home Challenges for 4-18 year olds

World Educational Robot Contest

RS Components - Extraordinary Engineering Challenge ages 7 to 16

Coolest Projects 2020 goes online - now open for registrations


Minecraft Education Challenges

Come & Code

Come and Code' is an international CoderDojo organised by Vision Redbridge Libraries in partnership with two libraries in Kerala, India: PKV Vanitha Library and The Quilon Public Library and Research Centre. 

OpenUK Kids Competition & Online Camp

UK CanSat Competition

Moonhack Coding Competition

Astro Pi Challenge - run code on the International Space Station!

Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior Competition - ages 13 to 18

Mission X - Train Like an Astronaut

CyberFirst Girls Competition - look out for this later this year

teensinai - Accelerator - 2 week online bootcamp ages 11-19

Invent Future Global - Summer Challenge

YouTube Learning - STEM Camp

WISE Code Breaking Challenge - Age 7-14 years

Microsoft EduDay Event on demand remote learning


TECgirls - Free pop up day of technology, engineering and creativity - Truro, Cornwall

TECgirls Live Events

TECgirls - Game development article

Code Like A Girls - Tech Puzzles for Problem Solvers

Girls Who Code - Home Activities

Code First Girls - Learn to Code Courses

Girls into Coding - Coding events for Girls - Newsletter Sign Up





Hour of Code Activities - 1 hour tutorials for all ages in 45 languages

KUBO - Now free robot coding platform for children, parents, teachers and educators

Code org

Age 5+

Scratch Coding

Katiedays - Teach for Life: Get started with micro:bit + Scratch




BBC micro:bit Classroom platform for Teachers

micro:bit Powered Halo-ween Ironman Arc Reactor

Microsoft Device Simulator - BBC micro:bit and Adafruit CLUE

Code Club Project Ideas


CoderDojo Project Ideas


Pimoroni Education Resources


Microsoft Minecraft Education Edition

Microsoft Digital Skills Projects - Maker Champion and Badges to download

Microsoft Store - Oxford Circus - Virtual Hour of Code Sessions ages 8+


Raspberry Pi

Future Learn - Getting started with your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Digital Making Newsletter - Parents

Raspberry Pi - Computing education research : online seminars

Raspberry Pi YouTube Channel - How To's

Raspberry Pi - 3D Design Activities

Jim Bennett - Calendar Controlled Busy Light - Raspberry Pi

Coder for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

OKDO Projects Hub - Raspberry Pi Projects

Piper Computer Kit - build with Raspberry Pi


Apps for Good - Primary and Secondary


Makey Makey coding kit

Learn by Layers 3D - Coding for Kid - Teach 3D printing with scratch programming

3ducate - coding and designing challenges

Code Club Australia - Offline Coding

Raspberry Pi - Parents Introduction Video to Scratch Programming Language

Python in Pieces - 2simple

Met Office - Supercomputing coding DIY activity

Teach Computing - Home teaching week 6 for key stages 1 through 5

Barefoot Computing - Activities for families at home

Scouts Pixel Art Activity supported by Raspberry Pi

DK Computer Coding - YouTube Channel

Tynker - Coding made easy - Age 5-17 years

Age 10+


Free app and crash course in Python creative coding

Python in Pieces - flip between block code and Python

institute of Coding - Online courses

Edublocks - Coding Transition from blocks to Python

Khan Academy - coding courses


Ada Lovelace Day Education Pack

Microsoft AI for Good - look out for this later this year




Australian Computing Academy - Scavenger Hunt (Easter Edition) & resources

knitwitter - code secret messages in knitting & crochet

Microsoft Fun Iot Projects to do at Home


Make a micro:bit weather station

Make a Raspberry Pi Weather Station - with XinaBox

Age 12+

Amazon Future Engineer - Firetech - Free virtual coding programme

Future Learn

Free and paid for programming and coding courses

Computing at School - Learning Activities for Secondary Students


stencyl - create amazing games without code

Harvard University - Introduction of Game

University of Reading - Build your First Mobile Game

wikiHow - to make your own video game

Codingkids - Build your own computer game

CODEMOM - Make your own game apps and tools for kids

Kodu - Game Development platform


CyberFirst online courses from National Cyber Security Centre

Cyber School - Free Online School for UK Pupils

Cisco Cyber Treasure Hunt


Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) - Animation ideas


VEX Robotics for Primary (IQ) and Secondary+ (VRC)

VEX Robotics Educator Certifications

VEX 123 Robotics - Age 4+

Girl Powered Spark Series - YouTube

Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation - Online STEM Learning Resources & Activities

Computer Science with VEXcode VR Certifications


FIRST Tech Challenge

World Educational Robot Contest

Fizzbit Robot - FREE Downloadable skins

CAMJAM EduKit Raspberry Pi Robot


DK - Make Cardboard Robots

DroneBlocks EDU - STEM Education


Age 8+

STEM Together - Mission to Mars

European Space Education Resource Office (esero) - Space Champions launch online sessions

esero - Space Home Challenges for 4-18 year olds

Goonhilly Earth Station - Home Education

Destination Space

Mission X: Train like an Astronaut

Space STEM

NASA at Home

NASA Climate Kids

Space Mission InSight to Mars Quiz

Microsoft and NASA

Forestry England - Beginner's guide to stargazing

Age 10+

Near Space Balloons

The Orbispace Initiative - Isolation Activity Library

Open Notify - How many people are in space right now API



Age 5+

Institute of Engineering and Technology - Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 free STEM resources

Fold'N'Fly - Paper Airplane Designs

Lego - Monthly Minibuild instructions

Age 8+


littleBits electronics kits

Workshops relating to STEAM including littlebits electronics


Rolls Royce STEM resources


Lego Engineering Challenge


Adafruit learning electronics


Eden Project - Build an insect home, marble run and bird with recycled milk bottle

Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards

Tomorrow's Engineers - Meet the Future You - Quiz

Chibitronics - DIY electrical circuits

XinaBox: modular electronics for learners and professionals


Age 10+

Shell - The Bright Ideas Challenge for 11-14 year olds


Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Equal Engineers - Covid-19 Student Challenge

Formula-E - Bosch Design at Home Challenge

Royal Academy of Engineering - Fortnightly challenge activity

UK CanSat Competition

Bridge Designer

Airgineers - Drone competition

REC Foundation Aerial Drones


Royal Academy of Engineering

Society of Women Engineers - Resources

The Smallpiece Trust - Engineering@Home

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Virtual Faraday Challenge

Tomorrow's Engineers - I'm an Engineer Stay at Home

Leaders Award - Home Learning Resources and Live Engineer Interviews

Shared by STEM Girls club in New Hampshire - Tinkering Guide



Little bins for Little hands - Preschool STEM Activities and Science Experiments

Play to Learn Preschool - 10 STEM Challenges

Powerful Mothering - 20+ Preschool STEM Activities

the STEM laboratory - Preschool Activities

Age 5+

Crest Awards - Primary Challenges

Eden Project - Pick a patch science activity - Age 5+

Age 8+

Skype a Scientist

FREE Science Game to Download and Print - Diamond the Game

Practical ACTION - Plastics Challenge

Institute of Physics - Marvin and Milo - Over 80 "Do try this at home!" experiments

Eden Project - School  & Home Lesson Plans


Science for Kids

Microsoft MakeCode - Science and Coding Projects

Wildlife Spotting Sheets - Worcestershire Wildlife Trust


The Royal Society - Science at home

The National Museum for Computing - Lockdown Challenges

Business Cost Saver - Science Experiments Around the Home

Shared by Tony (9 years old) who loves doing science experiments at home 

Age 10+

Open University - OpenLearn create - Science introduction course on Coronavirus for young adults and teenagers


Age 10+

Hegarty Maths

Sparx Maths Virtual Classroom FREE

Boost Maths Tuition

Maths activity calendar for 9-14 year olds


Ideas Gym

Ideasgym creates and provides  Online STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) content and training for students , teachers  and schools

Open P-TECH - Free digital courses for students and educators

BAE STEM Resources

BMT STEM Activities

STEMtogether Resources


Lego STEM Activities with Duplo

STEM Learning Remote Lessons for Young People

Tech We Can - Tech Tuesdays - Free lesson 10.30am for kids

Met Office - Resources for 11-14 year olds

Stemettes - Online events - All ages 5+

UK Government Online Resources for Home Education

STEM Learning UK - activities to do at home

STEM Learning UK - Simple STEM activities at home - Ages 4-7

STEM Learning UK - STEM Club Resources


STEM Learning UK - huge list of competitions and events

STEM Learning UK - Competitions and Challenges


Born to Engineer Competitions


Longtitude Explorer Prize - and various STEM resources


Crest Awards - All ages


Microsoft STEM Activities


Makerspace Ideas


Museum of Science Boston - Weekly STEM Webinars and Resources


Essential Energy Education - energy4me


AimHi Live Lessons - age 8 to adult

Canterbury Christ Church University - The STEM Hub

Neon STEM platform guest list sign up


thinkuknow - E-Safety - All Ages

eSafetykids - online safety for children

eaware - Free esafety online resources for teachers and families KS1 and KS2


Impact online of safety for children 


Amazing ICT / Cornerstones - Top free apps for families and children


Teach with ICT - Youth Sports Trust Activity Bingo

The Colouring Sessions - cool online music colouring pages

LTA Tennis at Home

Tim Henman Foundation Online Challenges

TimeOut - Free colouring books for kids

Maddie Moate - Let's Go Live - YouTube Channel

Varsity Tutors

FREE Virtual Summer Camps - Ages 5-18 - June to August

FREE Virtual School Day Resources

EtonX - Free self-study for UK state schools

dailySTEM (Chris Woods) 77 Simple STEM Activities for Families: Nature Edition

Wild Time ideas from The Wild Network

British Orienteering - Orienteering at home

RSPB Wild Challenge Family Activities

Nature Play WA - COVID-19 Self Isolation Resources for Families

Creative STAR Learning - 100's of outdoor & nature based ideas

Culture Trip - Visit new 7 Wonders of the World virtually

Scouts Indoors Activities


Girl Guiding - Adventures & Activities

British ESports Schools Competition - look out for this later this year

31 day Lego Challenge

Lego Play Ideas

A mighty GIRL - 60 Ways to Keep Kids Engaged at Home During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Wired - 9 Mess-free Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home

12 Famous Museums offer virtual tours


RS Components Imagine-X - Free teacher STEM lesson plans

The Design and Technology Association - free resources for teachers, a free challenge #isotech2020 and free webinars for D&T teachers.

The Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) - Video Teaching Resources

National Centre for Computing Education - Primary & Secondary Resources

The Royal Institution - Ready to go Primary Masterclass resources

STEM Ambassador training courses

Raspberry Pi training

Coolest Projects Resources


Code First Girls - Learn to Code Courses


Microsoft Learn Courses!index=2&lang=1033


BBC micro:bit Introduction to Computer Science Course


Coding Guide for Parents


BBC Teach Secondary School Resources - All subjects

EiE Museum of Science, Boston - Free Resources

2Simple 60 days free access curriculum resources

Inspiring Governance - Take a Closer Look Campaign - engineers for school governor/trustee positions




Pimoroni - Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, Feather, electronics


The Pi Hut - Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, electronics


4tronix - Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, Crumble, Robotics, electronics


Cool Components - Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, electronics


Tech Will Save Us - easy children’s electronics kits


Adafruit - electronics components